Friday, December 19, 2014

Unto You- 52 Weeks of Family Scripture Memorization

OK, I know we do not know exactly when Jesus was born.  I get that.  But none the less, we celebrate His birth in 6 days!  6 days ya'll!

And regardless of when THIS DAY really was, He was born for us!
You and me, friends!

Celebrate that!


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Coming soon...

Beginning January 5th and continuing for four Mondays, we will be joining some friends to blog about our homeschooling experiences, our curriculum and more!  We participated last year and had a blast, so we are looking forward to this next round!  January is a great time to tweak your school plans and the Virtual Curriculum Fair is just the place to get some new ideas and encouragement from fellow homeschooling moms.  I hope you will join us.
Topics include-
Playing With Words- The Language Arts
Discovering Patterns- Math, Logic and Science
Exploring Our World- Social Studies and more Science
Seeking Beauty- The Arts and everything that brings beauty to our world!

Also coming January 2nd, the blog will have a whole new look!  Can't wait to see what you think!

Until then-


Monday, December 15, 2014

A Weekend of Celebration

My second daughter turned 17 on Sunday.  Before we had her we were very serious parents.  Then God gave us our Riley, and life has not been the same.  She makes us laugh constantly.  Put her with her sister and they can entertain you for hours.  She wakes up a Disney Princess and goes to bed a Disney Princess. (Which is why she is wearing a Santa hat with a tiara!)  She will quote entire scenes of movies, sing whole musicals and crack you up with her one liners.  I love this girl!  I know the Lord has amazing things in store for her...if I ever let her leave me. ;)

We also celebrated my oldest this weekend, who finished her last college class on Friday night at 11:15.  I know what time it was because I stayed up and watched her write her last paper - on sin! (She is a Bible major)  She duel credited her senior year of high school, attended college for 1 1/2 years and the came home to live and finish her last two semesters online.  She is an accomplished seamstress and is working to build her business.  My heart swells with pride when I think about all she has accomplished, but more than that, I stand at awe at the work the Lord has done in her life.

And then there is this guy.  The littles call him plus one. They are nice like that.  Morgan was baptized at our church this weekend.  It thrilled our hearts to be able to witness such a special occasion and to have his family there as well.

And then there is my mom.  She arrived on Tuesday and is staying until January.  I am ever thankful that through the years she has been willing to travel many miles to be with us and help where needed.  Sometimes, just an extra pair of hands is a bigger blessing than you can imagine.

(You were right mom, no picture.  Sorry!)

With our house feeling a bit empty these days, it is nice to have people we love join us to celebrate.

So much to celebrate and be thankful for!

Feeling blessed,

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Great News!- 52 weeks of family scripture memorization

Have you ever had good news to share with others?

A new job?
A pregnancy?
The graduation of a child?
A wedding?
A special unexpected blessing?

I love good news.  I love hearing it and sharing it. To share our excitement with others is fun.  To see excitement on a friend's face as they share warms my heart.

But the best GOOD NEWS of all was shared by an angel!

Can you even imagine?

Good news of great joy.

Sure, our news can bring fun and excitement, but JOY?  Only that comes from the Lord!

And it came many years ago in the form of a baby!

For all people!

And that, my friends, should be taught to our kids!


For the Display of His Splendor

Friday, December 12, 2014

Who Doesn't Love Homemade? Star Ornament giveaway and new Etsy Shop review!

I love doing giveaways for you all!  It is so much fun to get an email from a winner and hear their excitement. Makes my day!

It is even more exciting when I can give away something that is from a personal friend.

Let me introduce you to a new Etsy store- Whimsy Home Creations, owned by a sweet friend of mine, Angela.  I met Angela when we lived in Virginia and she immediately became like a sister to me.  Hey, she likes essential oils, sewing, crafting, and fresh milk, eggs and meat.  We just might have been separated at birth.  Plus she says "ya'll" too and does not look at me funny when I talk southern. True friend, indeed!

But, let's get back to crafting!  She is one amazing crafter.  I have been blessed with a few of her projects and they are treasured keepsakes.  Lucky for you, she is now selling some of her creations in her new Etsy store that will have its grand opening on Monday.  (Until then you can take a peek while she continues to fill the shelves!)

My favorite so far are the Crochet Star Ornaments (set of three- $12.00).  I LOVE these!  They look so pretty on the tree- see?

They remind me of a cozy, homespun Christmas in the mountains.  Oh, and don't forget the snow of course.

Second favorite- the dishclothes!  I have been using these since Virginia and was excited to get a few new ones. I have washed them over and over again for years now and they have held up beautifully!  Not only do I use mine in the kitchen, but also to remove my makeup at night and for washcloths for my boys.  (set of 2 for $8.00)

Be on the lookout for baby washclothes, baby blankets and more.  I know that Angela will be happy to work with you on custom orders as well, if you have a specific color scheme in mind.

Just in time for Christmas, you can win a set of three star ornaments- just enter the rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Blessings, Michele