Monday, August 29, 2016

When Vacation is NOT

We kind of tried to fool ourselves into calling this past week and a half a vacation.  I mean, after all, we have driven long distances, eaten out a lot, and spent a lot of time in the car.

A lot of time!

But let's face it, it has not really been a vacation.  THAT I am trying to plan to coincide with Riley's spring break, somewhere warm and maybe with an ocean! ;)

We drove two days to drop Riley off at school, one day to our hometown where I have been taking care of my mom as she recovers from a knee replacement, and now we are on our second day of traveling to head home.

Vacation? Not really!

But some of us did have a little fun.  The boys went swimming, some shopped, hung out at the family farm, visited with family and even had a big wedding shower.

Mom and I had fun with physical therapy.

She is doing great, don't let her tell you otherwise.  It is hard work though!  Very hard work.
It even wears the cat out.  haha

So now?

Time to regroup.

On my list-
put my house back together
freezer cooking
catching up with friends
finishing up wedding details
and school my boys! 
Time to lesson plan!


Friday, August 26, 2016

Recovery and Rehab

As you may know, I am currently playing nurse for my mom for a week while she recovers from a total knee replacement.

The good news, and I really mean GREAT news, is that she handled surgery well.  This is big for her, as her past history of surgery has been pretty bad.  This time around they did a spinal instead of using anesthesia, which eliminated most of her issues.  She does not take pain meds well, so she did have to battle some pretty severe reactions to that, but once the nurses figured out the right combination things greatly improved.

The bad news- surgery stinks.  No matter what.

It messes with your body and mind.

So this is where we are at.  Working hard to heal her body and keep her entertained to help her mental state.

Body, hard.  Mind, easy! (you know our family is nutty, so laughter is pretty easy!)

I will not go into details, but she is on a pretty regimented schedule.  Thanks to me.  You are welcome, mom.  Everything is written down and the drill sargent has moved in.  I told her when I left we could facetime during her physical therapy.  She told me no need, she would still be hearing my voice.

hmmmm, no comment.

Physical therapy is hard to do and hard to watch.  Except for the cat.  He enjoyed the show.

Well, then it must have worn him out because he chose to sleep afterwards.

Then he moved for a better view. Yes, on the ice pad.  Yes, on top of the potty chair.  At least it provided laughter!

Plus this cat has decided to protect mom at all costs.  You should see the looks I get from him!

As far as laughter goes, oh how I love my family!  They have popped in a few times and kept us in giggles.  Seriously!

That plus a silly video I shared with mom.  I hate linking stuff but if you go to YouTube and search Sarah help me, you can laugh too!  Go ahead, it is worth it!  Laughter is so good for us!!

Tonight, it is funny movie time!

Thanks for all the prayers and encouragement you have sent our way.  They have been felt and much appreciated.


Monday, August 22, 2016

Drop Off Day

Riley is now at school.  I think this is where some epic music should play, but well, not sure how to do that so just imagine.

Drop off was amazing.  And overwhelming.  And long.  And well, a lot of things.

Praise the Lord we will see her in about 7 weeks for Fall Break.  I can do anything for 7 weeks.

So can she, although I am slightly less worried about how she will do.  Me on the other hand...I will let you know!

And just for the record, no, this does not get easier with each child.  I know "they" tell you that.

"They" lie!

I will leave you with pictures for now.  Thoughts and stories will have to wait!

On the way-

A warm welcome-


The favorite spot-

And just because-

For those of you swimming this same current- here's a quote from one of Riley's favorite musicals, Finding Nemo, The Musical:

Marlin- But what if they're not ready? I mean how do you know?
Crush- Well, you never really know, but if they're ever gonna grow
Then you gotta let 'em go, you know!?
Just go with the flow...
Crush- When you're raising sons and daughters, it's like surfing the muddy waters, oh oh oh, go with the flow!


Friday, August 19, 2016

5 on Friday

1- On the road again... this is becoming a habit! Yes, we are dropping Riley, our second daughter, off at college this weekend.  I will post about it next week...until then prayers for this momma's heart would be appreciated!  She will rock it.  The verdict is still out on me!

2- On our various travels we got to visit with old friends who have opened a new Culvers franchise just a few exits away from the Kansas City airport.  I love how our travels and our friends frequently cross paths!  If you are in the area, stop by and say hi to them for us!

3- We finally made it to the Omaha Zoo.  You know, because everyone says it is the best!  It was on Riley's to do list before she left for college.  We had a great day and are eager to go back when it is not quite so hot!

4- Our last trip (told you this was becoming a habit) took us back to the place of our first assignment, where our oldest was born!  We had not been back there in 22 years, so it was fun to see how much had changed.  And a few things that had not!

5- Proud bragging moment.  Ashton's quilt business, Ashton's Attic, is starting to take off and provide a living for her.  Just this week she sold two!  She is taking orders for Christmas now- be sure to get on her calendar!

Have a beautiful weekend, friends!